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Who Should I Contact?

The City of Newnan manages the Physical Building & Grounds. 

For Issues related to the Facility, Building, Grounds, Lights, please e-mail

Katie Mosley - kmosley@cityofnewnan.org

The NPA  manages the

Programs & Activities.

For NPA Programs & Activities please

e-mail npa.info@yahoo.com

Become a Member

There are many benefits

of being a member of the

Newnan Pickleball Association.  

Please be sure to check them out in the Member Benefits link below!

Engage Clinic - 10/7-9

The Monster Mash & Bash Tournament - 10/29-30

PB301 Wednesday Evenings in October

More Details on the
Event Registration Page
The HOP is Located at 4 Joseph-Hannah Blvd, Newnan, GA