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  What is the NPA?

  • The NPA (Newnan Pickleball Association) is a 501C3 non-profit which has partnered with the City of Newnan to be the exclusive program provider at the Newnan Pickleball Complex, aka The HOP (The House of Pickleball).

  • The NPA is a volunteer led organization made up of fellow Pickleball enthusiasts.

  • Our mission is to grow & promote Pickleball in Newnan and the surrounding area.

  • Proceeds from NPA memberships, program registration fees, business sponsorships, etc. will be used toward NPA program costs.

  • The NPA is also committed to making annual donations to organizations which serve the needs of the local community. 

  How Can I Volunteer to Help?

  • We would love your help and have all levels of volunteer needs!

  • Please e-mail for information on how to get plugged in!

  What is the address for The HOP?

  • The HOP is located at 4 Joseph-Hannah Blvd, Newnan, GA

  Is There a Cost to Play at The HOP?

  • Absolutely not.  The HOP is a City of Newnan public facility.

  Is There a Cost to Join the NPA?

  • The NPA does charge a nominal annual membership fee to help support the programs we offer.

  • There are many benefits to becoming an NPA Member which are shown in the Become a Member page.

  • The annual NPA Membership runs from July 1 - June 30.

  Does it Cost to Participate in a Program?

  • Yes.  The programs & events will have a registration fee as shown on the Event Registration page.

  In Addition to Programs, Are There Open Play Times?

  • Yes!  Open Play times, along with other NPA Programs are shown on the NPA Events & Event Calendar Pages.

  • Open Play offers a great opportunity to meet & play with different people.

  Will Lessons be offered?

  • In addition to the monthly PB201 Skills & Drills Clinics there are certified instructors to offer private or group lessons.

  • A list of certified instructors is shown on the Instructors page.

  Can Courts be Reserved?

  • The City of Newnan does allow for courts to be reserved for parties and social events.

  • Courts for individual weekly matches can be reserved with the City of Newnan.

  • Courts have been reserved for NPA Clinics, Classes, Open Play, Ladders and other NPA events.

  Can I get a Refund if I sign-up for a Program but Cannot Participate?

  • Absolutely.  We only ask that you let us know as soon as possible as some Programs have registration limits.

  • To request a refund, simply e-mail and provide your name and the Program name.

 Who Should I Contact with a Question, Comment or Suggestion?

  • The City of Newnan manages the Physical Building & Grounds.  The NPA manages the Programs & Activities.

  • For Facility, Building, Grounds, Lights, etc. issues please e-mail Katie Mosley at

  • For anything related to NPA Programs & Activities please e-mail

  Is there parking at The HOP?

  • Parking is available along Joseph-Hannah Blvd in front of The HOP.

  • Parking is also available at the end of the street along Augusta Dr.

  • During evenings and for large events, the parking lot next to the Public Safety Building will also be utilized.

  • Please do not use the Public Safety Building parking lot before 5pm on weekdays.

  Can I be a Sub for the Ladder Event if I am Unable to Play on a Weekly Basis?

  • Absolutely!  Simply register as a sub on the Event Registration page.

  • We know everyone may not be able to play each week, so Ladder participants can find a sub from the sub list to play for them.

  Where Can I Watch the Grand Opening Video

  • Select the Grand Opening Video Button

  Where can I see minutes from recent Board meetings?

  • Select the Word document button

  Who should I contact with Questions, Comments, Suggestions, Concerns, or to Simply Share My Appreciation for the NPA? :)

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